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Promotions - Emerald Dream Server (Retail)


CTA's are the lifeblood of Clan Battlehammer.  All dwarves levels 20+ are required to join if online during the event.  The parades preceding battle are for bonding as well as recruiting - discord is required, though a mic is not.  After our lineup and/or parade the raid leader can release lowbies back to leveling or if they are willing to endure 1-shotting they can continue to run with our Dwarven battlegroup.


On the main note of each character from the guild roster in game, each toon name will have ("Main") or in the case of an alt (<ALT>-MainName) which will be followed by + or - symbols.  Each CTA event attended can earn you a +, if you are online and not attending you can be assigned a -.  Rhusty built an addon that now automatically adds the + and - during our events and notifies you it has been done.  This dramatically improves our ability to manage promotions and we will plan to have Promotion events hopefully at least once a month.


"Promo Ticks" are only applicable on MAIN toons, not ALT's.  "Ticks" are not transferable meaning you should always strive to attend on your MAIN if you wish promotion credit.  If you wish to help the class balance in the raid, meaning playing a geared healer ALT instead of your Main DPS/Tank perhaps, inform the Raid Lead PRIOR to switching and credit in those cases 'may' be given to your MAIN.  Flexibility in this area is appriciated.


+++ = rank up

--- = rank down

If you are a Recruit and earn ---, expect a conversation from our Generals as you have likely joined Battlehammer for the wrong reasons.  You will be removed if we can't reach a solution.


After a promotion or demotion any - or + marks are cleared and the count starts again.  


If you are asked to join the CTA and have no valid excuse (such as loggin off soon, or spouse in room and can't discord etc) you will be excused.  If you continuously avoid CTAs (e.g., I need to level so I can be more productive, I don't like feel like it, I'm a pve raider) you may earn yourself -- to --- ranks immediately, or even find yourself without a guild.  Recall from our introduction that we are a RP-PVP guild and if that doesn't suit you, please feel free to /gquit and save us the headache.




Ranks  - Emerald Dream Server (Retail)


  1. Beardling: Welcome to the guild, met min req from website and agree to our code of conduct.

  2. Kinsman: Reach 120 AND attend first CTA, discord installed with identifying name or comment. Microphone not required.

  3. Hammer: Need 3 more participation points, min xxx ilvl 

  4. Berserker - Need 4 more participation points, min xxx ilvl

  5. Gutbuster - Need 5 more participation points, min xxx ilvl

  6. Herald - Need 8 more participation points, min xxx ilvl, Microphone for comms, must have lead at least 3 events and be WELL VERSED on the Hammers recruitment requirements.

  7. General: 10 participation points, microphone for comm, demonstrated willingness to lead an organize and take on responsibilities of Guild affairs, lead selection, uniforms selection, maintaining pvp presence and focus on continue pvp skill building and overall Guild events/activity.

  8. Long Beards: are administrative advisors that can also share in general duties when needed.

  9. King under Blackrock Mountain and defender of Ironforge!

Meet the min requirements for your next rank and you will quickly find yourself in a position to contribute to the Guild's maintenance and welfare.


This is the current framework an we may make tweaks to some requirements. Events will be run by Generals and Heralds. Gutbusters can have other named specialty ranks like champion, scribe, master of arms, or other titles to be associated with player notes.


Any class divisions are for show with uniforms, but they are not required at all times. Instead they are used for initiations, rituals, parades, special events. Also class communities are encouraged to share pvp knowledge and grow the skill level for each character. Be open to suggestions on how to improve your game. Drills will be a focus effort in reinforcing the needed skills for battle.


Long Beards will work to provide overall guidance, conflict resolution, and direction for the guild and thus freeing up our wpvp Generals and Heralds to do what they do best.


(By the hand of King Bruenor and editted by Bargrim - 5/22/18)




Promotions and Ranks - Grobbulus Server (Classic)


Specifics will be forthcoming soon...




House Uniforms

May 31, 2017


"Now ye can start t' gather yer things!"



Currently Uniforms are not being used, but Clan Tabards are highly encouraged.




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