Not wanting to interfere with the long standing clans of Azeroth, nor wishing to usurp their claims or territories, the Dwarves of Clan Battlehammer won back the halls of Blackrock Mountain from the Orcs and steaded it as their own.  Deep within the mines and tunnels of Blackrock the Clan made its new home.  The throne of King Bruenor was restored in these new lands and he pledged his Clan to the Alliance of Dwarves, Gnomes, Men and Elves.  While not a fully established Clan amongst the Dwarves, Battlehammer's and their King support the Bronzebeards as kindred souls.

Origins of the Clan

Our Motto

"For King and Clan!"

"No clearer statement could be made that fully described the loyalty, fervor and dedication of the dwarves of Clan Battlehammer.  A fitting motto for a proud clan." - Magni Bronzebeard

Our History

In ages past King Bruenor of Mithril Hall ventured through a mystic portal and found the lands of Azeroth.  Unable to return to his homeworld, he along with a few stout and hearty Clansmen settled in to their new home.  Still a King at heart many new found kin in these foreign lands rallied to his banner and swore alligence.

Clan Battlehammer is founded upon and holds true to a few basic principles that enhance gameplay and community for everyone, friend and foe alike.  

  • Fun for everyone!  If you're not having fun you should probably be doing something else.  

  • Teamwork!  A very necessary part of all endeavors Clan related.

  • Helpfulness!  We can go much further together than seperate.

  • Mutual respect for all!  Allies or adversaries we are all in it to enjoy our time together and create amazing memories.


Our Principles

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