Under the leadership of King Bruenor the brave dwarves of Clan Battlehammer toil daily against the incursions of the Horde.  


For Our King, For Ironforge and For The Alliance!

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Their battles are legendary, their tenacity unmatched.  After nearly 10 years in the lands of Azeroth they are one of the oldest and largest band of brothers on all of Emerald Dream(US).  You too can be a part of the valor and glory that is Clan Battlehammer!


Dwarves Unite!

Join the adventure!



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Our home away from home...


Azeroth has been a warm and welcoming realm for King Bruenor and Clan Battlehammer.  Amongst the Bronzebeard dwarves we have found a new home, the mountain fortress of mighty Ironforge.


A friend in need, a friend indeed...


Alliances with Clan Battlehammer are strong and long-lasting.  Our long history with the fine folk from Gilneas, 'The Pack', has been so strong as to coin the moniker 'PackHammer' amongst our enemies which at the mere mention of the name have been known to flee. This along with several other alliances help to insure Clan Battlehammer always has a foe to face and a friend to battle along side.


Surrounded by enemies...


The forces of the Horde, formerly under Vol'jin and now the tenacious Sylvanas, are the nemesis of existence for all the free people of Azeroth.  In heeding the call for assistance in their defense, Clan Battlehammer comes to the aid of all the cities and towns of the Alliance.



Our Community


The dwarves of Clan Battlehammer are a tight knit community centered around mutual repect, support and inspiriation.  We strive to maintain a positive atmosphere under all conditions and are willing to assist our worthy brethern in times of need.

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