Intro to the Clan

Minimum Requirements

Emerald Dream Server (Retail)


DeathKnight's - lvl 80

All other classes - lvl 50 (some RARE exceptions can be made, ask a recruitment officer)


Grobbulus Server (Classic)


All classes - lvl 1 (this may change in the near future)

Join the Global Channel

In your in game chat pane on either server which you are on, type /join battlehammer.  Next, change the channel text color to a light blue.

To set the color, right click on the General tab on yer chat window, then select settings.  Go to Global Channels, and click on the color box for Battlehammer.  (Sometime the color box doesn't show and you will need to do this the next time you reboot your game - bug).  Use this global chat to keep in touch with Clan Battlehammer across guilds and characters.. and to coordinate with our Allies.  This channel is monitored by the guild officers and you can request to speak with one from that channel.  If that doesn't work, try typing /who battlehammer for a list of members online and contacting them to put you in touch with a recruiting officer.

After Recruitment

Check the MOTD (message of the day) and guild calendar for upcoming events.  Guild notes will be applied for subfactions within the guild.  King's Guard and Gutbuster for example.  (More to be developed on this...)


To check guild notes, from the social button, guild tab, click the player status button.  Note you can also sort by clicking column headers.

Clan Focus

Emerald Dream and Grobbulus are both RP/PVP realms. Our focus is world player versus player events with light role playing. We strongly encourage all our level 120's (retail) or 60's (classic) to obtain the basic pvp gear immediately. If you need help with the rating please ask any 120 for advice or help. When not in CTA, we dwarves quest, raid, do battlegrounds, drink our beloved ale, recruit, have fun, and above all else... kill horde and drink more ale.   When talking in public try to use dwarven flare.. like setting yer language to Dwarven. You can set language from the gold text bubble to the top left of your chat pane.

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