Code of Conduct


Clan Battlehammer did not just happen overnight - it has been a slow grind of nearly ten years to build the membership to its current quality. We would like to impress this upon our newest recruits so they understand the level of commitment this group of dwarves has to the guild. If you are unwilling to play at a level that supports our goals, we would ask that you /gquit now. However. if you are the caliber player we are looking for then we welcome you as our newest brother or sister to our clan.


Members of Clan Battlehammer range in all ages in real life. It is understood that when talking in discord or typing in game that you respect all members. We understand that in the heat of battle a swear can be uttered in frustration or joy. Be aware that with repeated use swearing will earn you a warning. Three warnings can earn you a guild kick. Any use of racial words, derogatory comments aimed at any Battlehammer, f-bomb's, political rants and unreasonable grieving of other players are grounds for an immediate kick.


When talking in forums, trade chat, general chat, discord, etc., you are to remain respectful of all horde and alliance players at all times. Do not argue on forums or in chat/discord channels, not even guild chat. If you have a problem with another guild member, take it up with them or go to a General. Do not air out your dirty laundry for all to see and hear.


 In WPvP we strive to maintain as honorable a reputation as is possible. This means we DO NOT participate in tbaging, spitting, or excessive camping of our horde enemies. On exception, reguarding camping, being if the horde in question has been camping our Hammers or Allies. In which case we will bury them to be sure they know not to take lightly the next time they see a hammer. 


Clan Battlehammer is a light/medium RP/PVP guild. When talking in /say or /yell you are to remain in character. Under no circumstances should a member of Clan Battlehammer ever talk down or grief RP. Be respectful of those who RP and if someone tries to RP with you and you are not interested send them a whisper and politely tell them so. If you choose to RP in guild chat and say something that could be taken out of context by another player, be sure to let everyone know that you are RP mode. Guild chat is not a required RP channel, so some people may not realize you are RP mode and take something differently than it was intended.


Battlehammer's love their "world player versus player" Also known as the short version of WPvP.  We typically have 2 CTA events each week. As a MAX level Battlehammer these events are mandatory IF you are online. All Battlehammers under MAX level may continue to level AFTER being released.  You can join any event by typing "RFD" in the guild channel, which will generally get you an auto-invite to the guild raid.  In order to attend CTA events you MUST (guild requirement) have discord so that you can hear instructions. Help is always available for joining discord, just ask in guild chat. 


Clan Battlehammer is a growing unique guild. We have many different types of events throughout the week. Many of these events are planned but some events are spur of the moment. These weekly events (aside from the CTA) are optional for online members, unless specified otherwise. If you do sign on, it will be a adventure.  No member should ever be made to feel bad it they choose to not attend an optional event.


If Ironforge, Blackrock Mountain, or any of our RP bases are attacked, join a defense raid by typing RFD in the guild channel.

Horde! (alts & friends)

No Clansmen should engage in WPvP against any other Clansmen (or their alts...horde or alliance) unless it's agreed to by both individuals and known to at least 1 General/Cmdr/QM (dueling is an exception).  It is the responsibility of a Clansman on a horde alt to inform other members of the Clan and/or General.


Also, please refer to General Rhusty Battlehammer's open letter to the Clan concerning further policies in this area...<click here>


I'm getting camped!  We all hate saying this, but it happens to us all from time to time. If any Battlehammer is getting camped and needs help, you are not required to help them but your help will be noted. However, it is greatly appreciated if you do decide to respond.  Generals and the King's Guard are required to respond if they are online, they agreed to this when they took the oath.  A repeated kill of your toon more than twice by the same players, is considered a camp.  The General's and especially the King's Guard love to exercise a quick and lethal action when called.  


Likewise, Clan Battlehammer DOES NOT CAMP HORDE PLAYERS!  Killing a horde player is fine regardless of level (although we do frown on killing lowbies as a general practice).  Ultimately we kill Horde and move on.  We allow our opponents to 'rez' and 'regroup' as best we can.  Regardless of how we are treated we WILL respect our opponents.  (camping players can be a /gkick offense)


Our King does not promote or use moles to spy on opposing world pvp guilds. If you suspect a mole in our guild, it is only to be discussed directly with the King or his General's and by no means anyone else!

Cheating, Bots, etc.

Cheating, of any kind, or the use of any illegal code or in game bot program by any Battlehammer is an immediate kick.  


We will then re-invite you just so we can kick you again!

Final Word

When joining Clan Battlehammer you have pledged to abide by this code of conduct. Any violation will be dealt with accordingly. If you do not feel like you can abide by this code of conduct then you are not Battlehammer material and should look elsewhere for a guild to call home. If you feel that you are able to keep the code of conduct, you should have a smooth transition into the life of a Battlehammer. A wee bit of in game ale is always recommended. 

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