Call to Arms (CTA's)

- Sign up for the event on the guild calendar, found in the top right corner of your game window on the minimap.


- If you are not instructed otherwise report to Ironforge Council Chamber.  Be sure you have a WHITE ram mount at a minimum and if you can fly, the WHITE snowy griffin, and remember, only Generals may ride the Armored version.


- When ready to join raid group, type "RFD" (Reporting for Duty) in guild chat, which should get you an auto-invite to the guild raid. A lot of toons are getting invited just before the CTA, so be patient. If you miss the invite, try again. 


There are multiple flavors of CTA's that are dependent upon the total number of dwarves that show up. 

Due to security concerns, plans are usually NOT BROADCAST before the CTA.


DO NOT ask "what are we doing for tonight's CTA?"


 Even the Generals might not know until the last minute.

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